Goshinki Couture is a collection of handmade upcycled fashion inspired by Japanese Boro and a boutique of customized, made to order clothes. The person behind it is I,  Malgprzata MacDonald, one person microentreprise registered in RE and immatriculated under SIRET # 84934059100031.  I live with my family in France, in a little village of Bust, in Alsace, where I create, too.  


I make boro inspired clothes and accessories using repurposed fabrics mostly repurposed denim,  and upcycling those fabrics into a textile for my boro inspired designs.


I take my inspiration from Japanese culture and Japanese fashion. I focus my designs on Japanese patterns and boro which, for me , stands for most of the notions of today’s sustainable fashion notably Zero Waste and Slow Fashion.


My garments are predominantly in denim but I will sometimes add a new fabric to my upcycled jacket, bag, scarf or dress as I love the idea of the used and the new, the old and the modern standing along  together in harmony. And taking from the same Japanese influence, I will decorate my upcycled clothes and accessories with a simple and very decorative Japanese straight stitching through out or just along seams. That stitching seen on boro or in a visible mending technique gives a particular decorative and distinctive look as well as reinforces fabric and will limit fraying. Fraying however, and the tattered style of my boro inspired clothing is intentional, wild and rock&roll.





 Boro (Japanese: ぼろ) are a class of Japanese textiles that have been mended or patched together. The term is derived from Japanese boroboro, meaning something tattered or repaired. As hemp was more widely available in Japan than cotton, they were often woven together for warmth


Interested to know more about the spirit and idea of Boro, please see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boro_(textile)



Email: Contact@borofashion.com
Tel: +33 (0)7 67 23 22 07

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